1. Found a neat store while walking around

  2. "Untitled"


    11.5 x 15


  3. Getting used to different equipment at my university. Made some orange prints to practice with

  4. Next week my supplies should be in and Grad school will officially start.  I have been cleaning out and moving into my studio so I am very excited to finally have my own space.  There will be work posted soon so until then here are some more sketches and doodles from my sketchbook. There are some wacky ones in there…

  5. Moved in to my new apartment in Peoria two weeks ago, just been wandering around my new surroundings and doodling till grad school starts. It is pretty neat here, I am going to enjoy the next three years. Here are some doodles from today…

  7. Been really busy this summer getting ready to move away for gradschool and comping up with ideas for some new work so I have not been able to do much. I have been filling up sketchbooks a lot in my free time though so the next couple of days I will be posting some of my favorite pages from them.

  8. kiymeister:

    I’ve been doing caricatures at different local events lately, so that I may one day afford to buy a big fat goose for Christmas Dinner. Or move n stuff, whatever, priorities. I drew the Handsome Alex and I in order to attract some more business, and indeed it worked.  No one can resist Alex that big beefcake~

    A portrait capturing our elegance and grace by kiymeister, the studliest of studmuffins

    (via gnikamtnirp)

  9. Print for the revival print exchange

    “You’re Golden”



  10. Pieces of “thank you?” Cut out and individually wrapped, just messing around

  11. "Thank you?"

    CMYK silkscreen on Rice paper


  12. "まりも"



  13. Sketch party and exploring Dorsey’s Knob

  14. Bluegrass and sketch night at the Morgantown Brew Pub.  Great Music and some funny sketches

  15. Untitled